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I Laugh at Typography Jokes
ever since i was a lower-case g
For Chester 
19th-Sep-2011 11:55 pm
<lj user="celestialdusk>

ありがとうの想いを伝えたいよ そっと君のもとへ
遠く離れてしまっても 思い出に満ちた未来へ
瞳を閉じれば 君と過ごしたあの季節が思い浮かぶ
ふたりの記憶つないでいく今日も そっと小さな温もり集めて

I want to send my gratitude, softly, to you
Even if we're far apart, I'll head toward a future full of memories
When I close my eyes, the seasons I spent with you come back to my mind
Today again, as our memories join together, I'll softly collect the tiny pieces of warmth

ありがとうともう一度伝えたいよ そっと君のそばで
昨日に戻れないけど 祈るように明日を迎える
手を伸ばせば 君が残したあの季節の扉開く
逢いたくて仕方ないから今日も きっと君の事思い出すだろう

I want to say thank you one more time, softly, by your side
I can't go back to yesterday, but I'll welcome tomorrow like saying a prayer
When I stretch out my hand, the door to the season you left behind opens
Since I miss you so much I can't help it, I'm sure I'll remember you again today
20th-Sep-2011 08:48 am (UTC)
*hugs you tightly*
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